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Saturday, October 8, 2011


Recent items – Might disappear soon: 

Simply click on each link to get more info!
Free Kinect Sports Outfit
Free Harajuku Baby outfit
Free Miss Sixty romper and top + Brazillian flag
Free band and Sweden shirt!
Free Dance Central outfit and boombox

Free Guitar and Dog

Free The Den Dress!

Free Narnia Painting!
Free the Kixx shirt!
Burlesque: Free hat and dress!
Free Dove items!
Free Tiger Dress!

Free kinectimals games and Xbox TV!

Free Forbidden Rose dress + Samantha shirt
Free Rapunzel hair! 
Free MegaMind items + dress!
Free ChildLine Laptop, poster and Hit Me button!

Free Harajuku interior!
Free pie, Viv Tam dress, doll and T-shirt! (until 19/11)
Free Sing It poster and TV + Free SpinBrush mirror!
Free SpinBrush T-shirt!
Free Moxie Radio!

Free I love Greece shirt and shoes and skirt and blouse and tie!

Free Interiors & shirt from Shake it Up + free Beneath the Blue Poster!
Free Beat Bullying Girl!

Free Bafta award!

Free Harajuku items!
Free Crafting Mama and SpinBrush bag + toothbrush
Free Stardoll TV dress!
Free Ramona and Beezus Shirt and Bag
Free One Day on Earth camera and top!
Free Beauty and the Beast Rose!
Free Dress and shoes! (ss only!)
Camp Rock items (summary)! UPDATED 02.10!
Free I love Germany Shirt!
Free Dresses from Simple!
Free dress and bag!
Free Fish Hooks fish tank! - and Shirt!
Free Stardoll TV + Wild cover!

Free Saturdays Poster

Free Shrek bow!

Free Make-over helmet and belt! 
Free MDM bags! 
Harajuku Items! 

Free Tangled Items!

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Free Dove Stuff!

1. Log in to your Stardoll account
2.Put this in your Search Box, stardoll.com/en/starplaza.php?startItemIds=28595,28596,28597

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Stardoll Hacks or Cheats

First you make a new account that is named Moderator,if that name is taken then add a number to that end of Moderator... Example: Moderator246
Then you go to a  person's profile and then in their GuestBook put this, Hi I am a real Stardoll Employee and I'm here to make sure everything is fine!Feel free to add me!!!
When you put that and they accept your friend request you message them saying this, Sorry,your account is about to be Deleted because someone has reported you, if you don't want your account Deleted then you have to message back telling me your username and password (real information please),then we will reset your account but your stuff will not be deleted or should I say nothing will change.You have 2 weeks to save your account! -StardollEmployee
If they fall for that trick then you pretty much got their account! Try doing this to a SuperStar account!!!

Stardoll Hints

If you want to earn MORE StarCoins, then you have to vote someone CoverGirl,Rate an album,Rate an scenery,vote catwalk,then vote best design!There is pretty much so many ways to get StarCoins!!!